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Pop Ensemble

The students in the Pop Ensemble will collaborate to select songs from a catalog of current contemporary popular artists in a variety of styles including pop, rock, r&b, country, dance and much more. The students learn anywhere up to 17 songs over the course of the semester. They will prepare for class through research and practicing and develop technical skills to apply to playing contemporary popular music. Students will also experience live and studio performances. Students are expected to participate in at least 2 live performances and one recording session over the course of the semester. We will study and perform in a small ensemble characteristic of contemporary popular and classic music idioms including chart writing, chart reading, interpretation, balance, phrasing, on stage performance, building a set list that flows well and would make people dance and stylistic considerations.

Current Students


For the audition, students are required to bring in one prepared Contemporary Pop song on their chosen instrument and perform that song to the best of their ability. If a student requires accompaniment for their audition piece they should provide an appropriate chart in the appropriate key.

If there are any questions, please feel free to email Erin Schwab at