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Rock Ensemble

The study and performance in a small ensemble characteristic of rock music idioms, including chart reading, chart writing (where applicable), interpretation, balance, phrasing, and stylistic considerations.  Sub-stylistic differences, song choice reasoning and form/analysis skill building are encouraged in this ensemble.

Current Students


“Because its a little interesting getting everyone to learn the same material for auditions, let’s use one Contemp Lit blues tune and a fresh tune.  Please, for your prospective instrument, be prepared to play “Tore Down” a la Eric Clapton in the key of C, and “Jungle Love”, in the provided key, by the Steve Miller Band.  These tunes aren’t meant to reflect the music of this ensemble, per se, but rather two tunes you should be able to pull together quite well on your instrument for auditions.

For any questions regarding the Parker Rock Ensemble audition process, please contact: