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SONIC Acapella Vocal Ensemble

Analysis, practice and performance of music related to multiple genres applied to vocal performance, a cappella or otherwise. Through arrangement, transcription, soloing, style, basic theory and song choice, students will show competence and an understanding of subtleties within the genre of vocal a cappella music.


“SONIC is a group that requires more work than most people realize. Concepts of blend, balance, timbre/tone quality and diction play a large role in the success of this group. So that I may hear your concept of these qualities, please choose two songs of contrasting style or feel to sing for me. That is all you need to have prepared. So perhaps a speedy tune and a slow ballad. Perhaps a song that is happy and upbeat and another that is somber. Does that make sense? Other than that you will be singing some easy exercises and doing a little sight reading. Good luck!” – Shon Parker

For any questions regarding the SONIC Vocal Ensemble audition process, please contact: