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Student Life

Student Life encompasses every aspect of our students’ lives while they are attending school at McNally Smith. It includes their academics and their music; their homework, practicing, and projects; their meals and their lodging. It includes figuring out how to balance a schedule, allowing enough time to eat and sleep and have some fun along the way. It means learning how to handle money and live on a budget and how to cook meals and do laundry. Student Life is not just about academics; it is about making friends and joining student organizations and jamming and collaborating and so much more.

The students at McNally Smith are diverse and interesting. They come from the heart of Minnesota and throughout the United States. They come from Central and South America and Canada. They are from Asia and Eastern Europe, Malasia and Japan. They come from Serbia, Poland, Germany, The Netherlands, South Africa and Madagascar, Nigeria and Kenya and the Congo. They are from Trinidad and Tobago and the Dominican Republic and more! McNally Smith’s students are a microcosm of the world and they represent the world’s music.

The Office of Student Affairs

Student Affairs is located on the main floor, east wing, of the 19 Exchange Street (Main Campus) building. The Academic Advisors and Career Services personnel can also be found within the Office of Student Affairs.

The Office of Student Affairs includes:

  • Residence Life
  • Mental Health Counseling Services
  • Disability and Access Services and Accommodations
  • Student Conduct
  • Student Support
  • Peer Advisors
  • Student Organizations
  • Student Activities and Events
  • Outside Resources
  • Orientations
  • Commencements

Peer Advisors

Driving student organizations and activities are Peer Advisors — the Office of Student Affairs’ student leaders who come up with creative ideas to help their fellow students have fun! Peer Advisors are also available to talk with students about school, music or whatever is on their minds. Peer Advisors often make recommendations to students with whom they can connect to receive further assistance.

Student Organizations

Some of the student organizations have been going strong for years, such as the Songwriter’s Circle, Gay-Straight Alliance, CRU (Christ Revealed in Us), yoga and the basketball club, while others pop up as students have new ideas and interests. We’ve had a juggling club, a dance club, an electronic musicians club, and a martial arts club. There are also regular student events, such as open mic nights, movie nights, dances, kick-ball tournaments and much more.

The Office of Student Affairs Mission Statement

The Office of Student Affairs is dedicated to developing and maintaining ongoing relationships with McNally Smith College of Music students and providing them with the necessary tools, support, and services to encourage a positive school experience.

Our Vision

The Office of Student Affairs:

  • Is committed to providing students with the widest possible range of opportunities to prepare for a life with and/or career in music.
  • Enhances all aspects of student life, including the provision of resources for students who have questions or need academic, professional, emotional, or mental support.
  • Embraces a diverse student body and is committed to the principle that each person deserves the right to learn in a positive, thriving, and supportive environment free from discrimination or harassment of any kind, including sexual orientation, gender identity, age, race, color, nationality, culture, religion, etc.
  • Offers activities, organizations, and learning opportunities.
  • Offers assistance by directing students to resources available through the college and the community.
  • Provides Ombud Services (to investigate individual complaints, problems, and conflicts, and to mediate their resolution or solution).
  • Provides Residential Housing services to students.
  • Provides information to, and is a communication resource for parents (via newsletters, our website, pertinent articles, resources, ideas, a Parent & Family Handbook, and a Parent Orientation).
  • Works in partnership with Career Services to assist with the Alumni Services program.
  • Works in conjunction with all academic divisions and administrative areas.
  • Provides a safe space to our students.

The McNally Smith Student Affairs team supports students academically, personally, and professionally. We are a student’s “one-stop shop” for questions, concerns, support, and services. Students know that they can come to our offices and be assured that if we don’t have the answer we are there to help them find it!

Counseling Services

Counseling Services are available free of charge to enrolled McNally Smith students. Our counselor provides individual counseling, referrals, and consultation services.