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The Library at McNally Smith College of Music serves the entire McNally Smith Community including current music students, faculty, staff, and music school alumni. The Library’s diverse multimedia collection includes books, electronic databases, magazines, newspapers, CDs, DVD’s and videos, course reserve items, computers, TVs, DVD/VCR players, CD/tape players and headphones. This collection supports and augments the McNally Smith College of Music education.

The Library’s skilled staff includes a full-time librarian who holds a Masters in Library and Information Science and is specially trained to assist music school students with their information needs.  Whether it is as simple as teaching students how to locate a certain piece of sheet music, or helping them conduct research on the library catalog or online databases, our staff is here to help students navigate the physical and electronic information landscape. The Library also provides computer and bibliographic instruction for our music students.

Tutoring Services

Tutoring Services are available to all students at McNally Smith College of Music. Tutored students  learn valuable skills to help them in all of their classes, as well as help with challenging subject matter. Tutors relay the types of questions they receive back to the instructors so that they might fine tune their teaching methods. The tutoring schedule is posted in the library.