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Student Organizations

Whether you’re looking for organizations that support your music goals, such as Audio Engineering Society (AES) or the Hip Hop Organization (H2O), or want to play in a basketball league, McNally Smith College of Music has something for you.

A group of five or more McNally Smith College of Music students with a common interest or goal defines a student organization. Music college students have the opportunity to not only participate in  already existing groups, but also to create new ones that will continue to provide opportunities in our dynamic and changing music school.

Audio Engineering Society (AES)

AES is not only for students who like electronics, but for anyone who wants to learn first-hand, real-life experiences and applications of skills ranging from electronics/audio production to compositional techniques/student projects.

Basketball Club

The Basketball Club was McNally Smith’s first sports-focused club. They meet weekly in the skyway YMCA located just blocks from campus.

Christ Revealed in Us (CRU)

Christ Revealed in Us provides its members with an environment to develop or begin their beliefs.


A literary magazine crafted by collective aesthetic offerings, literary, and visual art from students.

Electronic Music Producers Club (EPMC)

EMPC is a club where students can learn about electronic music production techniques, and showcase their own music for students to hear and critique.

Film for the Arts

Film for the Arts promotes and advances appreciation for the arts by showcasing important films on different art forms and their histories, as well as major global developments in the visual arts.

The Fitness Crowd

The Fitness Crowd is a student organization created to improve health. They meet at the YMCA to do various activities as to avoid boring routines.

Football (Soccer) Club

Football Club was formed to establish understanding and love for this international sport by playing weekly and hosting watching parties.

Gay Straight Alliance (GSA)

The Gay Straight Alliance provides a safe and supportive environment for LBGTQIA+ students and encourages inclusivity and respect for all types of sexual orientation and gender identity.

The Hip Hop Organization (H20)

The Hip Hop Organization was created to give students the opportunity to gain a greater understanding of the business, music, and culture of Hip Hop.

McNally Smith Radio

  • Re-launching Fall 2015!

Nerd Culture Club (NCC)

Nerd Culture Club focuses in on all things nerdy and supports sharing the nerdy goodness with each other. Into gaming, comics/graphic novels, cards, anime, sci-fi, riding segways etc? This is the group for you!

Project Heart

The purpose of Project Heart is to help people, raise awareness for different issues and raise money for charities. Project Heart have held fundraising events for or have partnered with the World Food Programme, NAMIwalk, Hand in Hand for Literacy, Relay For Life, Listening House and many more.


Roots is a student organization with a focus of education and discussion on topics of diversity.

Salsa Cubana (Salsa Dance)

Club focused on Salsa Dance instruction.

Songwriter’s Circle

The Songwriter’s Circle provides students with the opportunity to advance their skills in songwriting.

Voice Student Council

The purpose of this organization is to provide a more cohesive relationship between voice students and faculty, to be a vehicle for information within the voice department, and to be a resource for student within the voice department.

Yoga Club

The members of the MSCM Yoga Club learn the basic Yoga practices to help further develop mental and physical health.