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Hip-Hop Workshop

Got a knack for composing rhymes and crafting beats? Improve your skills in rapping, DJing and performing live in a hip-hop ensemble while beefing up your production abilities in state-of-the-art studios.

Hip-Hop Workshop: June 27–July 1, 2015

What’s a typical day at McNally Smith’s Summer Hip-Hop Workshop like?

Morning: Start your day shoulder-to-shoulder with students from all camps learning the fundamentals of music theory for the first hour. This information will be most beneficial when collaborating with instrumentalists and producers later in the day! Then pick between a variety of breakout sessions focusing on techniques like emceeing, DJing and production.

Afternoon: After grabbing a tasty lunch in the Sound Bite Café, you will spend the afternoon practice writing, producing, and arranging hip-hop tracks with an ensemble (comprised of students from various workshops) for your final live performance at week’s end. You will also spend time each day in the McKern Studio Complex learning the fundamentals of hip-hop production using Pro-Tools, Logic and MPCs.

Evening: In the evening you’ll visit Twin Cities landmarks, attend hip-hop concerts and enjoy downtime to rehearse with ensembles or practice on your own. The Hip-Hop Workshop also includes field trips to local hip-hop attractions, history lessons, business tutorials and more.