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T.A.P. (Time Awareness Project)


T.A.P. (Time Awareness Project) is a new “LARGE ensemble” experience for any instrumentalist or vocalist (not just drummers), and for all skill levels. The focus of the group is on rhythmic understanding and development (e.g., phrasing concepts), and to deepen your sense of time and groove in general. We also plan to integrate unique talents from the ensemble participants, musical and otherwise (maybe you tap dance or play the spoons; maybe you’re a whiz with loops or lighting techniques; or maybe your vocal improvisation or groovy bass playing is included).

We’ll play traditional African drums; we’ll create/build percussion instruments and use various theatrical elements (ala “Stomp” or “Blue Man Group” or Frank Zappa); we’ll improvise individually and collectively; and we’ll collaborate to compose, arrange, and script the musical presentation together. The exact instrumentation will depend on who auditions for the ensemble (e.g. we might include rhythm section, horns, etc.).


a.) Playing by ear:

  • Listen to rhythmic phrases and repeating them (on a drum, with your voice, or clapping your hands)
  • Play West African drum patterns within a context (i.e. hold down the rhythm while playing along with another drum, a bell part, etc.)

b.) Interview questions regarding your musical background to assess your strengths and interests:

  • Have you played percussion in the past?
  • What sort of experience do you have?
  • How well do you sight-read rhythms? Pitches/chords?
  • What do you think are your musical strengths?
  • What else might you bring to the group (e.g. dancing, play other instruments, etc.)
  • What musical challenges do you face, especially in terms of time/rhythm?

c.) Percussion-specific audition requirements:

  • If you have percussion-playing experience, you will sight-read snare drum or mallet keyboard licks, to assess your strengths.

d.) No prepared materials required (e.g. scales, etudes, etc.); however, you can play short examples if you feel it would help represent your musicianship.