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Tone Target

Want to teach yourself to read music? Play an instrument? Improve your skills as a musician? Introducing Tone Target...

About Tone Target

Tone Target is an interactive music game. The controller? Any instrument or your voice. The built-in microphone on your device tracks the pitch you play, and lets you know when you get the notes correct. Teach yourself to read music, find your way around your instrument, and most importantly — have fun doing it! Tone Target comes with hundreds of levels for your enjoyment and education, but more free levels are always becoming available — you can even make your own levels. Explore the links on the upper-right of this site to download more levels or for instructions and tips.

Tone Target was developed/created by McNally Smith College of Music with the help of Audiofile Engineering. Project lead: J. Anthony Allen, McNally Smith Composition & Songwriting Faculty.